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Who is MoldQuest?
MoldQuest International™ is a full service indoor air quality firm dedicated entirely to
conducting IAQ/mold investigations.

What are your credentials?
Members of our staff have undergone extensive training, including formal instruction by
American Indoor Air Quality Council (AmIAQC).  All members of our senior staff
possess 4-year hard science degrees in fields related to IAQ.  

All of our investigators are required to be accredited in industry-developed certifications.
All MoldQuest team members are required to actively participate in our continuing
education program to insure that we stay on the cutting edge of the IAQ field.

What are your primary services?
Indoor air quality investigations and consulting.

Mold investigations - for residential, commercial and public buildings. Basic
Investigations are designed for straight-forward real estate transactions and for
localized "areas of concern". Comprehensive investigations require greater resources
and yield more information.

Radon Testing - For residential, commercial and public structures.  Radon causes over
21,000 lung cancer deaths per year in the United States.  Testing is easy and
inexpensive.  HUD has recently recommended that all FHA loan properties be tested for

What are your fees?
Our professional fees for most IAQ investigations are project specific. Generally, there is
a hourly fee and a set fee per sample. Residential transactions typically cost between
$400 to $1,200. Comprehensive investigations start at $2,000.

Radon testing (a 48 hour test using a continuous radon monitor) costs $110.  Our
monitors incorporate tamper detection systems and have been approved by the EPA for
use in property transactions.

How long does it take to complete an investigation?
Basic IAQ Investigations are usually completed in less than one week. Full residential
investigations are completed in less than three weeks; post remediation evaluation
results are usually available in two to five days. Commercial and public facilities vary in

Radon tests are generally completed within 48 hours and results are available
immediately at the job site.

Do you offer free consultation?
YES! We will work with you on the telephone or in person to answer your questions and
to develop the best possible course of action.

What is involved in conducting a Basic Investigation?
We will perform an interview with person(s) knowledgeable about the property,
complete a comprehensive visual inspection, collect moisture measurements from
suspect locations and then develop a sampling strategy. Samples are collected to yield
the most valuable information. The entire investigation typically takes 3 to 4 hours.

What is involved in conducting a post remediation evaluation?
Once a remediation contractor has completed their work, we arrive on the project to
make sure the area is suitable for re-occupancy. We put emphasis on our visual
inspection. We check to see if the remediated space is clean, absent of debris, absent
of mold and properly cleaned. We evaluate the equipment used and
construction/operation of the containment. We will collect air samples from within the
containment area, an adjacent area and the outdoor air. Once the laboratory data is
available, we determine the success of the remediation based on industry practices
and current guidelines.

Do you offer "prevention plans"?
The IAQ industry has switched from reactive to proactive. MoldQuest provides moisture
prevention & response plans to owners and property management firms of commercial
property. Having such a plan is often a prerequisite for securing commercial mold

Are there any regulations regarding mold contamination?
Yes there are. Several states have regulations currently in use, and several other states
are busy writing their own laws. Since these regulations tend to change from year to
year, we suggest you consult with representatives from your own state.

Are all molds toxic?
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency states that all molds have the potential to
cause adverse health effects. The term "toxic" is often used haphazardly and the various
stakeholders seem to have a difficult time agreeing on what is "toxic" and what is not.
There are currently no PELs (permissable exposure limits) or TLVs (threshhold limit
values) for microbial contamination, so it is important that you consult with an IAQ
professional if you suspect a problem in your home or office.

Should I vacate the premises during remediation?
This really depends on the extent of remediation and where it occurs in the workplace or
home (kitchen and bathroom access being the most likely deciding factors.)
Sometimes, it's just more convenient to be away during remediation.

Should I be concerned about mold when purchasing a home or leasing space?
Real estate is a major investment. Safeguarding one's health is relatively inexpensive.
We believe it is prudent to evaluate for mold contamination before purchasing or leasing
real estate.

What are the common health symptoms of mold exposure?
The most common symptoms are similar to allergic and asthmatic reactions. These
include shortness of breath, wheezing, headaches, memory loss, malaise, eye irritation
and skin rash.

Medical practitioners are beginning to better recognize patient symptoms with mold
exposure. If you have a concern, we suggest consulting with a knowledgeable physician.

I am a renter and my landlord refuses to address my concerns about possible mold
contamination. What can I do?
Unfortunately, there isn't a lot you can do. If the landlord/owner refuses to respond to
your request, you may be forced into legal action. Each state has laws regarding
landlord/tenant rights and responsibilities. Consult an attorney in your area for more

I think I have a mold problem in my home. What should I do?
The health of your family is your first concern. For adverse health symptoms, you should
consult with a physician familiar with mold exposures.

Since mold requires moisture to grow, correct all moisture related problems such as
leaks and water intrusions form the outdoors. If the problem is very small, you may be
able to clean or replace the affected area yourself. For larger problems, consult with a
mold professional.

Where can I find more information?
Dr. Fungus
American IAQ Council
Aerotech Laboratories
DKI International

Most remediation contractors
are honest businessmen, but
every industry has its
“opportunists” – individuals
who have no moral or ethical
scruples when it comes to
padding their profits. For some,
their primary concern is getting
your repair bill up as high as

Remodeling jobs that involve
mold remediation can cost up
3 to 5 times more than similar
jobs which don’t involve mold.

We believe that companies who
BOTH inspect and remediate
(remove) mold have a serious
conflict of interest.  One that
could hurt you where it counts,
your WALLET.

With insurance companies
limiting the amount they will pay
for mold related repairs, most
of the remediation costs could
come out of
YOUR pocket!

With thousands of your dollars
at risk, it's in your best interest
to have your inspection done
by someone who doesn't profit
from the remediation work.

If you suspect you have a mold
problem, hire a responsible
inspection company that is not
in the remediation business.
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