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LSM inspections include:
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areas exhibiting a
reasonable potential for
moisture intrusion.
Limited wall cavity
Report including
description of project
activities and results.
Fungi (mold) can quickly contaminate water-damaged and poorly ventilated areas in homes and
commercial buildings.

Following a water intrusion, significant amounts of microbial growth can occur in as little as
48-72 hours.
 Exposure to these contaminants can result in allergic symptoms (sneezing,
itching, coughing, watery eyes, etc.), cause asthma to act up in susceptible individuals, cause
chronic sinusitis and various other respiratory problems.  

*Click here* for more information related to indoor mold exposure and potential health effects.

Molds can be allergenic, toxin-producing and/or pathogenic (infectious).  Children, the elderly
and people with depressed immune systems are particularly at risk for developing respiratory
and other types of infections if exposed to pathogenic microbial contaminants.  The
USA Today
reports that "recent studies have also suggested that certain mycotoxin-producing molds may
cause pulmonary hemorrhaging in infants and memory impairment in older children and adults."

If your home or place of business has a musty smell, or has a history of flooding, roof leaks, etc.
microbial growth may have occurred in areas which are not readily visible (such as within wall
cavities, ceiling cavities, etc.)  These areas have little ventilation and therefore the saturated
building materials tend to stay wet longer than those exposed to the open air.  

Some telltale signs you can look for to determine if you have a potential mold problem include
the following:

  • Unpleasant and lingering musty odors.
  • Discolored or blackened areas.
  • Damp areas.
  • Water marks.
  • Peeling or soft surfaces.
  • Standing pools of water (obviously).

If any of these indicators are present in your home or office, you should contain and ventilate the
affected area(s) immediately.  Microbial growth will continue as long as moisture is present, so it
is important to determine the moisture source and repair the issue ASAP.

For larger areas of damage, or in situations where health effects are being experienced,
contact MoldQuest International to schedule an inspection.  We will assess your property to
determine the cause and extent of the damage/contamination, determine the types of microbial
growth present and the potential health effects of exposure, and provide you with a detailed set of
repair recommendations designed to return your property back to its original healthy condition.  

MoldQuest provides inspection/testing services only.  It is highly recommended that separate
inspection and remediation (repair) companies be used to avoid potential conflicts of interest.
 Companies which provide both services literally make money off of each additional repair.  
Rarely do they provide a written report which can be used to obtain competitive bids.  
Subsequently, over-repairs and over-charging are often the result.
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