Identify potential mold problems quickly and accurately.

Complete Inspections starting
at just $750 for residential

Square footage and distance limitations apply.
Includes 3-4 samples depending on sample
type/anslysis. Additional samples and/or rush
analysis are available (additional fees apply).
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Protect your liability and
property with a Quick

In today's litigious society, knowing all
the facts is essential to any real estate
transaction.  Understand and respond to
potential mold problems before they add
up to property damage or legal fees.  

QuickQuest™ gives you the facts and
responsiveness you need in 7 days or
If you suspect you have indoor active fungal growth, a QuickQuest™ investigation gives you the
fast, accurate answers you need.  With this quick turnaround service, you get a thorough
investigation that will factually assess the levels of mold amplification in a specified indoor
is an ideal service for:
  • Property Managers
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Property Owners
  • Lenders
  • Insurance Agents
Included Services:

Field Investigation

Interviews:  We gather information from available individuals who are knowledgeable about the
property history to assist in determining the nature and origin of the suspected problem.

Visual Inspection:   Our certified environmental professionals perform a complete visual
inspection of the interior and exterior of the property.  Special attention is given to suspected
problem areas and areas which harbor potential water sources.

Moisture Readings:  Our investigators collect moisture readings in areas exhibiting a
reasonable potential for moisture intrusion.

Sample Collection:  Air samples of the interior and exterior are collected, as well as necessary
surface, wall cavity and/or bulk sampling.

Laboratory Analysis

Samples are shipped overnight to be analyzed by an accredited independent lab.  We use only
AIHA EMPAT certified labs to insure the accuracy and legal defensibility our clients demand.

Technical Documentation

Our easy to read report includes photographic documentation, laboratory reports, description of
project activities, investigation results and detailed repair recommendations.
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